Aromatic Ingredients

Your sense of smell affects your behaviour, memory and emotions. Inhalation also cause the fragrance to enter your lungs and from there into your blood. The benefit of botanical aromatics lies in making the heart glad. 

Next time you use one of our products inhale the aroma before applying it to your skin as the fragrance and experience its therapeutic benefits.

Some of our aromatic ingredients are listed below.

Chamomile Oil

Known for its abilities to fight stress and promote relaxation. It has also been shown as a natural remedy for fighting anxiety. 

Sandalwood Oil

Promotes mental clarity and alertness. It is also known as an oil of joy!

Orange Oil

Known as the sunshine oil, it promotes a sense of happiness and uplifts you.

Botanical Ingredients

The naturally occurring oils in your skin are similar to the oils we use in our formulations. This helps to restore barrier function and assist with overall skin health. The Fontis Skinfood range is rich in anti oxidants like Vitamin C.

Some of our exotic botanical oils are found below.

Marula Oil

Softening and soothing to the complexion. Rich in antioxidants, vitamin C and E

Kalahari Melon

Nourishes without clogging the skin. Very high on Vitamin B, Magnesium and Zinc

Baobab Fruit

Regenerating, moisturising and toning properties. Very Rich in vitamins A,D and E

Moringa Oil

Very high in anti oxidants it protects skin against damage by environment. Ability to wipe away skin roughness.

Pomegranate Seed Oil

Protects skin against sun rays. Nourishes and protect skin against drying and moisture loss.


Regenerative and nourishing properties. Clinical trails showed remarked improvement on 20 year old scars.

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