Fragrances: Can They Be Bad For You?

Sense of Smell

I spoke to Isabel,  the other day about the smell of Fontis Tranquility Nectar. She uses it every night and absolutely loves the smell. She says her pillow even smells like that and she buries her face in it! Our discussion sparked this mini article about the Power of Smell!

We have always been told that humans do not really have a great sense of smell, but it seems that it is better than we think. When it comes to smell perception humans perform the same or better than primates as well as better than other mammals.(3) What comes through our noses are very important and we need to know how it affects our health.


Perfumers knows that fragrances have an effect on your emotions and a concerted effort is made to evoke certain emotional responses from you when you smell a specific fragrance.

And it is wonderful as a fragrance can invigorate you, calm you down or inspire confidence and more. For example when you breathe in Roman Chamomile (the main essential oil in our Tranquility Collection) you experience it’s known abilities that helps your body to fight stress and promote relaxation.

Who doesn’t need that in the hustle and bustle of our lives? It has also been shown as a natural remedy for fighting anxiety.

Inhaling the aroma of Cedarwood (an ingredient in our Exuberance Mens Collection) can help one achieve focus, calmness and wisdom due to the extensive therapeutic benefits of the essential oil.


Be aware as there is an increasing concern that (synthetic) fragrances has an affect on our health and can trigger asthma, migraines and allergies. They may even be hormone disrupters. Not only does synthetic fragrances affect your health, it can be bad for the environment as well.(1)

Synthetic fragrances may also trigger contact dermatitis and sensitise your skin.(2)


A study conducted on hormone disrupting and asthma associated chemicals found the highest concentrations in fragranced products (eg. perfumes, air fresheners). (4)

Do not underestimate the power of your nose when it comes to your emotions and your health. A healthy body and emotions equals a healthy skin!

Life giving beauty is more than just skinfood! It’s a sensory experience affecting your emotions in a positive way too!

"Your products smell amazing"

Wandisiwe Nondlazi


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