Does Fear Affect Your Skin?

For many years the medical industry thought that acne was caused by hormone imbalance and excessive oil produced by the skin. Now, the medical industry, made an interesting discovery: ‘acne is fear, anxiety and stress related to peer pressure (fear of man and fear of rejection)’.  Anxiety is one of the fastest growing disorders in America, which about 20 million people suffer from, is social anxiety. The root of social anxiety is the fear of man and what people think of you.

A meta study that was done in 2004 which involved 300 000 people showed that social support is the strongest predictor of survival.

Did you know that essential oils can assist with acne & fear related emotions?

I had a discussion with Jaco, our graphic designer, the other day and he mentioned how the beard oils he uses affects his mood. The one oil gives him a sense of confidence and the other is invigorating. Essential oils triggers an emotional response in your brain.

This is how it works:

Your limbic system has the job of storing emotional problems in specific parts of your body i.e. pancreas, kidneys etc. This system can be referred to as a library of unresolved problems. As you smell essential oils it can bring unresolved emotions to the surface so you can deal with them. It has been found that most diseases have an emotional root and there are various books (i.e. Switch on your brain by Dr Caroline Leaf and Changes that heal by Dr Henry Cloud) and  studies out there that points out the link between emotions and your health.

Relaxing Chamomile

Clear Thinking Sandalwood

Calming Lavender

How do essential oils assist?

According to a 2013 study it was found that Lavender, Roman Chamomile and Neroli reduced anxiety in ICU patients (1). Another, human, study found that the inhalation of Roman Chamomile leads to more calmness. This means it assists your body to enter into a more restful state (2).

The extensive therapeutic effects of Sandalwood can assist you with more clarity and calmness. Cedarwood has a soothing and calming effect on the body and helps to ease tight muscles.

When inhaled into the lungs the natural compounds in essential oils has a therapeutic effect on your body.

Two Ways of Inhaling Essential Oils

Direct Inhalation:

Open the essential oil bottle (or our Tranquility Nectar/Exuberance Skin & Beard Oil) and breathe in the aroma.

Place a drop of your favourite Fontis Skinfood Nectar or Oil on the palm of your hand. Rub your hands together, breathe in the aroma and then apply your skincare product to your face.

Diffuse essential oils in a room:

This can be relaxing and calming to the mind. Always keep in mind best practise when diffusing essential oils.

Are there more options?

Natural herbs like the adaptogenic herb Ashwangandha can soothe away anxiety symptoms by reducing the effects of stress on the body.

Also do not underestimate your body’s need for Magnesium as it reduces tension and helps to calm the nervous system.

What about my skin?

Support skin on the outside:

A very common reaction is to steer away from seed/skin oils when you suffer from problem skin. It is however the treatment with oils that will assist your skin in returning to normal! Do not dry out your skin, but give it the fatty acid food that it needs!

At Fontis Skinfood we keep in mind the effect of the various essential oils on your emotions in order to assist you with an improved lifestyle. Many of the oils above are found in our formulations. For us your skincare routine is more that just skinfood!

Support skin from the inside:

Also remember when there isn’t enough good bacteria in your body bad bacteria takes over so support your immune system. Some suggested supplements can include:

Probiotics: Supports skin health by fighting acne. Take 25 to 50 billion colony forming units (4).

Alternatively get your pro biotics from food!

Zinc: Supports skin health by balancing hormones.

Fontis Skinfood Vitality Skin Supplement: Anti-oxidant superfood supports skin by fighting oxidative stress.


Information supplied is for educational purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.


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