Do Seed Oils Offer Sun Protection?

Did you know that trees grown in tropical areas contains compounds that protects the skin from the damaging rays of the sun?

Oils pressed from the fruits ie coconut oil and Shea butter helps protect the skin against the sun. In the process it allows Vitamin D to form in in the lower layers of the skin. In other words your skin is provided with the materials it needs to protect it from the damage caused by the sun, whilst it allows the light the sun provides to enter the skin to form Vitamin D.

Chemicals found in sunscreens or mineral oils can cause the skin harm when solar radiation is present. Your skin is stressed as it has to deal with the effects of the sun and the chemicals lathered on it to protect it from the sun.

We have become a sun phobic society. Sunshine offers huge benefits and it is good for our bodies. As a matter of fact we need sunshine on a regular basis. What we do need to avoid is sunburn as that causes radioactive damage which is toxic (1).

Sun protective foods, natural supplements and skincare routines are important to protect the skin from sun burn whilst at the same time allowing the sun rays through so we can reap the benefits of it. 

And Why is Vitamin D Important to Me?

It helps to mould and shape the immune system. It basically regulates and guides the immune system like a parent guides a child (1).

It activates a tremendous immune army. (2)

According to a 10 year old study, cancer risk is reduced with 75% with sun exposure (not burning until we are in pain). (3) 

It also helps our bodies to absorb calcium and it assists with bone growth.

‘Vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency is a global health issue that afflicts more than one billion children and adults worldwide. The consequences of vitamin D deficiency cannot be under estimated.

Vitamin D Deficiency & Illness

There has been an association of vitamin D deficiency with a myriad of acute and chronic illnesses including preeclampsia, childhood dental caries, periodontitis, autoimmune disorders, infectious diseases, cardiovascular disease, deadly cancers, type 2 diabetes and neurological disorders.’ (4) 

Others Include...

Osteoporosis, high blood pressure, cancer, autoimmune diseases, depression, insomnia, arthritis,  diabetes, asthma, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, psoriasis, fibromyalgia, autism, weight gain.


Vitamin D & Your Skin

Sun rays are absorbed by a skin without sunblock. Yes, that is right. Sunblock does just that, it prevents the rays from coming through. Our skin produces the vitamin D needed when exposed to sunlight and natural oils aids in Vitamin D production and absorption, whilst protecting the skin from that oxidative damaged caused by the sun rays.

It seems that blocking out the sun is not the best plan, but protecting your skin is, whilst allowing some rays through.

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