How do Antioxidants Work?

They donate or give up their electrons.

A toxin (or infection or anything causing a skin condition) that causes a medical condition occurs because of oxidative stress.

In other words there is an increase in molecules that had their electrons taken away – oxidative stress. An anti oxidant quells oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress is the only thing that makes a toxin toxic. And it’s really the only thing that makes any infection bad for you. It builds up oxidative products in your body and when they go beyond a certain point and there is not enough anti oxidants in your body, you start to develop diseases, you start to develop symptoms’

– Dr Levy (Cardiologist)

The more you support an antioxidant like vitamin C and it’s antioxidant activity in your body, the better.

You can support an anti oxidant, like vitamin C, with a blend of antioxidants.

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