Skin Sensitivities and Trauma

Today I offer you a half baked potato, a term I am borrowing from Arthur Burke, on skin sensitivity. It simply means that this is most likely not the whole answer to skin sensitivities.

It is true that anyone can be allergic to anything at anytime, however sometimes a skin reaction can also be as a result of the Herxheimer effect. Herxheimer effect means that the symptoms like a current rash becomes worse because there is an underlying infection.

I have attended quite a few summits and seminars on auto immunity, the mitochondria, immune system and more in order to understand the skin and underlying factors that affects it.

Everyone talks about toxins. Toxins form the environments, heavy metals, parasites, lyme disease and more. What has caught my attention though is that it seems as if the problem that produces the most toxins in the body is the mind. Yep, it is the things that we are thinking about. It is our emotions and our reactions that are stored in our unconscious memories from unresolved trauma. 

It seems that our unresolved trauma affect the way we think and operate and how we respond to life. 

This is where the skin sensitivities come in. I have had a number of people approach me hoping they found the solution for their highly sensitised skin. I am talking about people who are allergic to everything. Some can even barely tolerate coconut oil.

I am not talking about people who are sensitive because of toxic or synthetic ingredients in skincare, perfumes and cleaning products. I am talking about highly sensitive people.

Sadly, a botanical topical product, will most likely cause a reaction too, even tough it is  natural.  The skin reflects what is going on inside the body!

For example an itchy skin is most likely the result of a backed up liver bile duct. It is a body drainage issue – Jay Davidson

Eczema is a sign that your body is struggling and if the root is left unresolved it often leads to auto immunity or asthma – Dr Trevor Cates

So our skin speaks loud and clear and what I have come to experience is that if it reacts to anything it comes into contact with if you have, most likely, suffered severe trauma and you didn’t go through a healing process or you finished the process prematurely.

There is good news! I kept you in mind when I formulated Vitality Skin Supplement. It is a dietary botanical based anti oxidant. Per definition an anti oxidant helps with oxidative stress caused by toxins. In this case toxic emotions. It is the only product I can offer that has the potential to assist your body, but it cannot be the only tool in your wellness protocol.

You will have to try and find the root. And for those brave enough to do so, I salute you. It is not an easy journey. It is not a quick fix, however it will be life changing.

So who said that beauty is only skin deep?

Please note: this article is not meant to diagnose or treat disease. It’s function is purely informational.

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