Beauty Sleep Is Not A Myth

The most powerful anti-oxidant known to man is produced by your body. It is called melatonin!

When the sun goes down your body produces melatonin and it is important for a good night’s sleep. It penetrates into your mitochondria and it protects it from damage. 

So what is the mitochondria? They produce, amongst others, the energy for your cells.

Being tired all the time is a sign that there is a problem with your mitochondria. They also play a huge role in ageing.

When we sleep, that is when we reach stage  four (deep sleep), our bodies repair themselves. The damaged mitochondria gets sorted out, restorative functions are performed, debris is cleared out, brain is cleansed out from toxins and many other functions are performed that affects our wellbeing and immune system. 

So your mitochondria health is important to your whole wellbeing! 

According to Ari Whitton, in today’s modern world we loose around 50% of our melatonin (1). Phone screen time chase the melatonin away and activates dopamine so try blue blocking glasses. Bright lights after the sun sets does the same so try an orange colour light. Light filled bedrooms when we sleep keeps us from restorative beauty sleep. Sleeping with your tablet or phone next to your head or those last minute emails will prevent you to get into the deep sleep cycle where restoration happens.

This is why many of us are tired when we wakeup. Not enough sleep ages your skin!

So treasure your circadian rhythms (your 24 hour awake and sleep cycles) as they affect your mood, sleep quality, metabolism and more.

Sleep is a free and potent remedy for beautiful skin and overall wellbeing!


  1. Founder of the Energy Blueprints and #1 best selling author, nutritionist and renowned fatigue expert.

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