Price vs Value

Lavender (Lavendula Angustifolia) an ingredient chosen for the Tranquility range for the multiple benefits it adds to a formula is a victim of adulteration.

English Lavender has a relative high cost and it is being adulterated with lower cost Lavendula or other undeclared cheaper essential oils or oil fractions. Some even go as far as adding synthetic components to this oil. This relates to a cheaper product being pushed into the market and the public think they get the real thing. No one likes to be fooled like that. When it comes to natural ingredients, in most instances, the higher the price the better the value. When you get a bargain, you need to worry.

Purity of raw materials are the backbone of an effective skin care product, especially natural and organic skincare products. You simply do not get the benefits of the pure unadulterated ingredient, which can leave you thinking this stuff doesn’t work or it can cause unwanted side effects.

Therefore chemotying is an important tool as the chemical constituents for an oil that comes from plants grown in a particular area can be identified. Below is a definition I found to describe chemotyping:

“A chemotype occurs when a plant of a specific genus and species produces a particular chemical in a higher than normal amount because of geographic location — weather, altitude, insect and environmental interactions, and the like. A chemotype is not a different species or genus, nor is it a type of chemical; it is merely a chemical anomaly within the plant that occurs naturally.”

–Suzanne Catty

In simple terms it means that through chemotype testing it can be seen whether a specific essential oil has been adulterated.

This also adds to the price, however at Fontis Organic Skinfood the real and pure ingredient is important so you can get the results you need.

Price is what you pay, value is what you get!

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