Exuberance Mornings (Starter Set)


Seeding is the cornerstone for protecting and boosting the skin from within. Feed your skin morning (and night) with Vitality Skin Antioxidant Superfood.

In the mornings, wash the night away with mild cleansing and moisturising soap enriched with Shea butter and essential oils of Sandalwood and Myrrh. It cleanses your skin without drying, effectively removes impurities and conditions the skin, preparing it for a moisturiser.

Whilst skin is still moist seal the moisture in with Exuberance Nectar.

Our products are tested on family & friends, not animals.



  • Description

    Formulated with a blend of aromatic botanicals that are known as oils of joy and  are confidence boosting. 

    Get that glow with this antioxidant rich combination! 

    Tips & Information

    Enhance your experience!

    After squirting it onto the palm of your hand and spreading it evenly it is worthwhile experiencing the aromatic benefits by breathing it in deeply.

    Your body knows what to do with natural aromatics as it can metabolise it!

  • Additional information

    Skin Type

    Dry, Normal, Oily


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